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                                                                                                  and their stakeholders in the Northeastern US


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Who Should Join?
Local Workforce Investment Board Members
State Workforce Investment Board Members
Workforce Development Stakeholders 
Economic Developers
Industry Associations, Unions, 
Chambers of Commerce
Anyone interested in improving the workforce in the Northeast!

Why join the North East Regional Employment and Training Association?

Because collaboration 
is the stuff of growth....
What we do?
We Connect Workforce Investment Boards and their stakeholders in the Northeastern US

Thereby empowering workforce investment boards to do more such as: 
Encouraging cross border and regional collaboration on funding opportunities 
 Collaborating on training and professional development for staff, boards and partners
Sharing information on workforce issues
Communicating as a block on workforce legislation
Creating public awareness of workforce service excellence


Benefits of Joining: 

Discount on conferences, seminars, webinars.  We are working with other organizations to bring you meaningful training and networking opportunities at discounted pricing!

Receive our newsletter.  
Our monthly newsletter will keep you up-to-date on workforce development issues, give you ideas for capacity building, best practices and so much more.  The truth is, we just can’t put everything you need to know on the website…so don’t  miss out on the most important and time-sensitive workforce development news.  

Post job openings on the NERETA website.  Post job openings for workforce development professionals on the NERETA website!  NERETA will help publicize these opportunities to help you get the staff you need. 

Post rfp opportunities and links on the NERETA website. NERETA will publicize your rfp on the NERETA website to help you get the best qualified respondents to your rfp’s. 

Be a part of the decision-making.  Form/join NERETA committees to work on issues that matter to you.

Tell us what else you want! NERETA provides you with the tools you need to help improve your region’s workforce capabilities. 

It is time to work together in the North East.  It is time for NERETA.  

Join for only $99 per year.  
Basic membership entitles you to 20% discount on all webinars and 10% discount on NERETA events.

Join for only $999.00 for a lifetime membership...
Premium membership entitles you to:
FREE NERETA webinars! (all past, present and future NERETA webinars are free!)
Additionally, premium members are entitled to a 20% discount on all NERETA events!

Membership Options

NERETA webinars produced thus far that you will recieve for FREE as  premium member:

1) Legal aspects of hiring interns

2) Improving WIB Websites

3) How to conduct employer interviews

4) How to use Talent Crosspoint

5) Talent Retention

6) Q&A with Peter Cappelli!

7) Volunteer Placement through the workforce system

8) Good Jobs First 

9) IEDC wd/ed collaboration best practices

10) Wired grants update

11) Soft Skills can be taught!

12) CEDS planning for your region

13) What is the Competency Model Clearinghouse?

14) Work readiness credentials...do they work?

15) Prospective job before training investment

16) Ed Gordon!  Future Jobs, Ready to work...and more!

17) How to create a strategic plan that will move your organization to action!

18) Industry Sector Partnerships - Best Practice - Chester County, PA

19) WIOA impact of the job of College Career Counselors

20) Cluster Strategies in Manufacturing - Dr. Eric Hansen 

21) EMSI -Essential LMI for Producing a World-Class Manufacturing Workforce 

22) Economic Gardening

23) Demand driven workforce data 

24) External Public Relations for your manufacturing cluster initiative 

Membership cycle is July 1st. - June 30th 

Send Check or money order with the form below to:


PO Box 7
Barryville, NY 12719

or you can submit the form online and pay with Paypal

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Contact: North East Regional Employment and Training Association (NERETA)
PO Box 7
Barryville, NY 12719
Phone: (570) 559-2017
Email: colleen@nereta.org

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